The best superpower enablers

So there's all this talk about THOR updates, reboots for SPIDER-MAN and SUPERMAN, and what's going to happen in the BATMAN franchise. All of this has gotten me thinking, "what makes a super hero interesting? Is it the power? The Suit? Or what made a super hero?" I've compiled a list of 5 of the best superpower enablers - meaning the thing that made a superhero the way they are. Check them out after the jump.

5. The Incredible Hulk
Everyone gets angry. Some time's it's frustrating to get so angry from a situation you can't do a thing about. Dr. Bruce Banner's transformation into The Incredible Hulk was caused by blast when he was testing his gamma bomb. Soon after, life spiraled out of control.

4. Dr. Manhattan (WATCHMEN)
So you're a scientist. When working on a project, you're accidentally locked in a chamber where the experiment is taking place. Test over, you're gone. Days later, you reappear in the world as a completely bald, blue-skinned hologram in human form. Oh yeah, and the fate of the world rests in your lap because now you have God-like powers. I chose Dr. Manhattan because of HOW the transofrmation took place.

3. Batman
Technically Batman doesn't count, but because of him being the only 100% only using his knowledge, strength, motivation, and a little bit of money, I felt compelled to add him to this list. He watched his parents get brutally murdered in front of his face, pushing him to end crime in his city. Too cool.

2. Superman
A lot of people will argue with me on this, main reason because Superman was born with his powers, but if taken to his home planet of Krypton, he's just as normal as the next. Because he was sent to Earth to be their protector and show them the way (be a good person), I felt he needed to be on this list.

1. Spider-Man
The coolest by far is Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man just from a tiny bite by a radioactive spider. Parker goes from geek to sleek, learns that he can use his strange new abilities to save the world, and sets out to become the hero he's always wanted to be. I chose Spider-Man as the numero uno spot because of the life Parker lead before and after his transformation. In high school, he went through what move of us hope to never ever return to.

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