THE FOURTH KIND gets a release date


One of the biggest debates over this film is not when it's going to be released - but how it's going to be titled. According to Universal, it's THE FOURTH KIND, but if you browse IMDb, it's listed as THE 4TH KIND. I'm going to stick with Uni. - I dare not piss off the studio who's handling the film.

With that out of the way, THE FOURTH KIND now has a release date, which is Friday, November 6, 2009. Never heard of this film? Check it:

THE FOURTH KIND is a provocative fact-based thriller set in the fall of 2000. Milla Jovovich stars as Nome, Alaska, psychotherapist Dr. Emily Taylor, whose never-before-seen videotaped sessions with real-life patients present the most convincing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.

THE FOURTH KIND also stars Elias Koteas (Casey Jones - TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES) and Will Patton (ARMAGEDDON).

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