THE HUNGER GAMES spared no expense with its digital marketing, introduces free iPhone game

THE HUNGER GAMES is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Or rather, that's what the studio behind it, Lionsgate, is banking on. They've spent who knows how much money on creating Facebook games, blogs, interactive websites, and so much more.

The latest addition to their marketing efforts is The Hunger Games: Girl OnFire game for the  iPhone and iPad.

Here's the official description:

DEFEND KATNISS AGAINST THE CAPITOL!  From the award-winning creators of indie game sensation CANABALT comes the official FREE game, THE HUNGER GAMES: GIRL ON FIRE.

Play as KATNISS EVERDEEN, the young heroine from District 12, whose sharp instincts are matched only by her even sharper bow-and-arrow shot!   Help her find her way back home, while taking down the tracker jackers with your trusty bow and arrow — but be careful once you get to District 12... The Capitol's hovercrafts may come looking for you!


Watch this short teaser for the game as well:

Currently #26 on the iTunes App Store and #17 in Games (the largest and most competitive category) THE HUNGER GAMES: GIRL ON FIRE also has 4.5 out of 5 stars. If this seems up your alley, you can download it for free for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on iTunes.

It'll be very interesting if this massive digital campaign sparks a trend. Official Tumblogs and Pinterest accounts for every major tentpole release? Count me in!

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