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Top 5 Horror Movies

GATW Guest Writer

by: GATW Guest Writer
October 26th, 2007

Since I’m the horror guy/MAN of the website I decided to do a top 5 horror movie countdown in honor of the holiest of holidays, Halloween. However, many top lists suffer from being too long. So this list will only consist of the top 5 horror films of all time. There will be a new movie added everyday until Halloween. Without further delay, I give you the five films I love more than my future children.

Many people feel Bill Paxton is just a second rate leading man and a first rate character actor, but there is much more to the man. For instance, Bill Paxton directed this criminally overlooked horror film.

Frailty is a combination of a great B-movie script and A-film production values, including Matthew McConaughey as the lead. The film constantly takes chances that always work in the end and contains some very memorable images, including the scene where the angel comes down from Heaven to give execution orders to Mr. Meiks. As a horror movie, Frailty doesn’t contain a lot of jolting scares, but that is not its game. Frailty slowly gets under your skin and is intelligently creepy.

Some people believe in the myth of the werewolf; a mystical creature that is a man during the day but turns into a ferocious half man half wolf creature when there is a full moon. Some people also believe in the myth that there has never been a good werewolf movie made. I can tell you with a hundred percent certainty that the second myth is false. There are at least two good werewolf movies and one them is The Howling, the number 4 selection in this horror countdown.
The Howling was written by John Sayles; the indie darling behind Lone Star and Men with Guns. Sales involvement is evident in the fact that The Howling has smarter more developed characters than those that usually appear in horror films. Sayles talent is also obvious in the fact that the film has some clever things to say about cults and lust.
The Howling also has great transformation scenes, some nice nods to past horror films, and suspenseful hunting/chase sequences. However, the main reason The Howling is so dear to the horror heart is because of the horribly fantastic ending. I will just say that it revolves around a live newscast. If you are one of the people that believe in the myth that there has never been a solid werewolf movie, I demand that you watch The Howling.Evil Dead 2 may be classified as a sequel, but it is really more of a remake of the first film, containing the same premise and similar set up as the original. However, despite being a remake there are many fresh and bloody great moments to be found in Evil Dead 2.The film consists of one blood laced sequence after another. Giving the viewer laughing dead animals, bloody chainsaws, and a dancing headless girlfriend.
Besides the gallons of blood and chainsaw induced dismemberments, there is also a large amount of laughs to be found in Evil Dead 2. The film’s joke friendly attitude lets the viewer know they’re suppose to have fun with the film and to just sit back and enjoy the carnage.
Evil Dead 2 does showcase some great horror scenes and moments. Although, the film’s humor is what ultimately elevates the film over its predecessor and what makes it a truly great film.

Every once in a while you will find yourself at the video store looking at a movie that you’ve never heard of but looks like it could be a solid film. You don’t know anything about the film other than the quick synopsis on the back and that it probably wasn’t released at the theaters, which is not a good sign. You debate whether or not to take the risk with your $3.99. The worst that can happen? You’re out a few bucks and two hours of your life. The best? You discover a true treasure made even better by the fact that you were expecting almost nothing from the film. The latter is the case with the gloomy horror gem Cemetery Man.
Even though Cemetery Man was never released in American theaters and took several years to even make it out on DVD, there are couple elements that add validity to the film even before first viewing. The film was directed by Michele Soavi; the protégé of Italian horror director and icon Dario Argento. Cemetery Man also stars Rupert Everett, who was already a fairly respected actor when the film was made
Rupert’s chance worked out because the film is fantastically bleak and bloody. The filmmaker’s love for blood is evident by many gruesomely great scenes, including a memorable battle between the lead and his recently deceased love by the pond. At times, Cemetery Man uses its horror premise to say some meaning full things about life and love. The film contains multiple love stories that involve the deceased and the living and all of them containing a decent amount of heartache and horror. Cemetery Man does a fine job of blending humor, horror and drama all together to create a unique cinematic experience, while never losing sight of its nihilistic vision.

Sorry Exorcist, I know you are use to being number one on any horror countdown, or at least top three, but not this list, not this time. The Exorcist is more of a drama about a mom dealing with her daughter’s severe condition with moments heavy on shock value scattered along the way. Number one deservedly belongs to the frighteningly realistic Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
A film that is a brutal and gruesome exercise in horror; shot with a documentary style, making the audience feel even more uneasy about the images on the screen. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre boats an iconic villain and startling moments of true terror. When Sally is running in the woods from Leatherface you truly believe this woman is running for her life. Watch this scene then another chase scene in a horror film and you will understand why this film is number one.

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  • Tbird

    Frailty rules. This list should be redone later, to include 10.

  • horsebaby

    …and Near Dark of course

  • amberduh

    The only one I agree with completely is Evil Dead II. It is the only movie in the Evil Dead saga that I actually own. Good job Rustypoo.

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