“Tron: Uprising” gets a teaser trailer

TRON: LEGACY was released to mixed acclaim. Some people thought it was a great follow up to a series that they never expected to return, some felt that it was bland and uninteresting, while many found it quite middling. But, it did turn out to be a success for Disney, which is why they still had interest in producing a spin-off cartoon series called Tron: Uprising.

Uprising now has a teaser trailer, which gives us a look at the style of the show.

I have to say, it looks pretty interesting. It's really hard to tell what the animation is like, but I do like the character design that they've gone with. It seems as though the show will give us a much deeper look into the events that happen on the grid. The series is set to take place in between the two films.

The voice cast is pretty killer too, with Elijah Wood taking up the lead character Beck. Anytime his name shows up, it isn't hard to get excited. Bruce Boxleitner will be returning to the series again, as he is pretty much a staple of the franchise. Also cast are Paul Reubens, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Lance Henrikson.

The show premieres in June.

Source YouTube and Joblo

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