Unofficial AVATAR trailer is officially awesome


I've been holding out on you kids. I didn't quite know how I was going to post about the latest You Tube sensation, but after watching it an upwards of ten times, I think I'm ready.

By now, you probably know what you're about to see. If you don't, the AVETAR screenshot should tip you off. I imagine James Cameron spent most of last night watching this faux trailer, and screaming to myself, "WHY COULD THIS NOT BE?" and staring balefully at his set of as-yet-unreleased Na'vi tie-in dolls (sorry, action figures), wondering where it all went so wrong and why he didn't just do this thing in hand-drawn animation. Would tickets for fifteen minutes of that have crashed its own website? We'll never know, but at least we have this.

For all the hype we've seen regarding AVATAR, it's nice to have something silly out there, and the last fifteen seconds are absolutely brilliant.

Check out the awesomeness after the jump!


Source Cinematical

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  • Michael Toussaint

    hahaha… Now that's funny.

    James Cameron would roll over in his grave if he saw that!

    er… not that I'm implying Mr. Cameron is actually Hollywood's favorite imaginary friend that takes the guise of the late, great James Cameron, but um… it's true. In the late 90s, JC's skills with CG just went -that- far, and once he destroyed the Uncanny Valley, the current imaginary CG Cameron we've come to know and love was born.

    Look it up. It's true. It's on the Wiki.

  • WilhemOliva

    I'd pay to see that.

  • Symon Cordova

    That was awesome, I want to see this one in “JAW-DROPPING 3-D!”

  • Symon Cordova

    That was awesome, I want to see this one in “JAW-DROPPING 3-D!”