Watch: Indie comedy INCREDIBLY SMALL available for free online

A little over two years ago, director Dean Peterson gave us a first look at his film, INCREDIBLY SMALL, and now that the film has toured around the festival circuit after premiering at the Raindance Festival in London, he was kind enough to drop us a line and give us an update on where the film is now. Peterson and company have decided to release the film for free online, and it's available now for your viewing pleasure if you're so inclined.

You'd be supporting independent cinema and, judging by the trailer, your time curled up with a loved one (cats included) wouldn't be wasted. The film follows two new lovers, Anne and Amir, who move in together with hopes of starting a future despite their differences. Anne's a lawyer and Amir is an artist whose latest project is sculpting a bust of Charles Barkley's head. The fact that their new apartment is only 300 square feet and there's a very cute neighbor next door doesn't help matters either.

Check out the trailer after the break, as well as a video of the song featured in the trailer by Bishop Allen called "The Ancient Common Sense of Things". The link to the entire film is also available.

The characters all look like people I wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours with, the script feels natural and charming, and Bishop Allen's song (featured below) really compliments the stripped down look of the film.

Shot in only a couple of weeks, INCREDIBLY SMALL has had a long road to get to your small screen, so if you feel like taking a chance on the film, you'll be part of its continued journey and I'm betting you want regret taking the plunge.

  • Elliot Grove

    Incredibly Small is one of those movies that just sucks you in and keeps you intrigued. Terrific performances and tighly woven by writer/director Dean Peterson

    The film premiered a few months ago at the 19th Raindance film festival – notably picky and choosy about the films they select.

    Incredibly Small was in their Official Selection