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I was lucky enough to attend THE AVENGERS press conference at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles on April 12, and posted about my five big takeaways from the event soon after it wrapped. However, for those hardcore fans that just need to know everything, Super Hero Hype just uploaded video of the entire event.

Various members of the cast and crew talked about everything from costumes, their inspirations, which superhero they would be instead of the one they're currently playing, and lots more.

If you want to go in to THE AVENGERS spoiler-free, I'd recommend waiting until after you've seen it before watching the press conference. While nothing major is given away, they do go into detail about the villains and specific scenes. Watch at your own risk after the jump.

It was interesting that it was broken up into two separate press conferences, but with so many larger-than-life characters on screen as well as the chatty stars portraying them, it had to be done. I only wish they had split up Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson on two different panels, since they both tend to ramble and joke at times - slowing down the speed that questions can be asked and answered.

Source Super Hero Hype

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