Writers of the FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot get a new gig

I'm a huge fan of slasher movies, have been ever since I was a little tot. In the past several years, Hollywood has been rebooting many of the key franchises of the slasher movement. Although some have ended up being less than stellar, I'm generally a fan of many of these refreshes. After countless sequels, why not bring a breath of fresh air into the series.

The men who brought that breath of fresh air to Jason Voorhees in the FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot now have another chance to entertain us.


The men in question are Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who also wrote another Jason outing, FREDDY VS. JASON. Details are scant on their new project, but we do know that it will take place in a high school setting (big surprise) and that it will be under the Paramount studios banner. It's probably safe to assume it will be a horror flick, due to their track record, but that's all that we currently know.

Shannon and Swift are also on board to direct this project and it will be their directorial debut. Keep your eyes out, this could be a pretty cool movie if we're lucky.

Source Heat Vision via Cinemablend

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